UNDP Project announces a Contest of environmental initiatives from 1 August until 31 October 2018!

The Contest of environmental initiatives is launched within the framework of the Project “Civic Engagement in Environmental Monitoring and Improving Environmental Management at the Local Level”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Belarus.

The project aims at effective and inclusive environmental management at the local level, environmental risks monitoring, exchange with environmental information, in particular, in the field of ambient air quality.

The goal of the Contest is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to fully participate in the decision-making process on environmental issues and to support specific activities on environmental protection and sustainable development.

The initiatives should help to increase the working capacity of Belarusian organizations, including civil society organizations involved in air quality monitoring and environmental education; to expand the practice of environmentally sustainable activities.

An initiative applying for funding must comply with at least one of the specified priority areas:

√ rational use of natural resources and implementation of practical activities that improve the quality of the environment;

√ ecological tourism;

√ conservation of biological diversity and sustainable use of biological resources and lands;

√ waste management;

√ improving ambient air quality;

√ increased use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency;

√ development of environmental education.

The applications will only be accepted from officially registered Civil Society Organizations (detailed information is available in the Contest Regulations) in case the initiative shall be implemented by a single civil society organization, or the initiative shall be implemented through an organized partnership.

One civil society organization may submit an unlimited number of applications; one initiative may receive funding.

The total amount of funding allocated for implementation of the initiatives is EUR 1,000,000. The amount of funding requested from the Project for one environmental initiative may range from EUR 50,000 to EUR 100,000 in USD equivalent at the UNDP exchange rate at the time of application. The duration of the environmental initiative is up to 18 months. It is planned that the Project will allocate no more than EUR 1,000,000 for financing environmental initiatives. 

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