Initiative “Compacted waste — clean air” launched (Grodno branch of the NGO «Belarusian Peace Fund»)

The kick-off seminar of one of the winners of the Contest of Ecological Initiatives of the “EcoMonitoring” project was held in Lida — it was on the Khoruzhevtsy solid waste landfill near Lida where the ecological initiative would be implemented. The participants of the ecological initiative decided to start their first seminar at the Lida District Environmental Center for Children and Youth. As schoolchildren became the main audience, the presidium refused to make serious presentations and replaced them with the format of live communication. However, the participants of the initiative also discussed working moments and immediate plans on this day.

What is its essence? The technology of solid municipal waste disposal at Khoruzhevtsy provides for their layer-by-layer compaction. This saves landfill area. For this purpose, a specially purchased equipment will work at the landfill. More densely laid waste — less formation of polluted filtrate water and release of harmful substances into the air we breathe. The Grodno branch of the Belarusian Foundation for Peace, Lida Housing and Public Utilities, the Lida regional executive committee work together to implement the initiative; the Lida regional environmental center for children and youth and the Belarusian Economic Research and Education Center BEROC also work as partners.

Children were interested in a variety of things: how to properly separate the garbage, where it goes then and how the waste landfill works.

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