Opening of the initiative “Adaptation to the conditions of climatic changes in the production of livestock feed, reducing the negative impact on the environment” implemented by Grodno Regional Association of Farmers

1 October 2019

On 01 October 2019 in Smorgon, Grodno region, a seminar was held on the opening of the ecological initiative “Adaptation to the conditions of climatic changes in the production of livestock feed, reducing the negative impact on the environment”, carried out by Grodno Regional Association of Farmers.
The seminar was attended by representatives of the regional and district executive authorities, the Grodno Regional Association of Farmers, heads of farms and personal subsidiary plots, an expert from the NAS of Belarus, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, non-profit organizations (public associations, associations, unions, institutions).

The initiative is aimed at developing the feed base for cattle (hereinafter referred to as cattle), which reduces environmental risks and increases the production of environmentally friendly livestock products. Feed for cattle is planned to be made on the basis of Jerusalem artichoke — a feed culture of high climatic stability. Jerusalem artichoke feed is expected to improve the quality of milk and dairy products.
The Vermi Ecoproduct farm in partnership with personal subsidiary farms of the Krevsky village council of the Smorgon district containing cattle will be equipped with fodder harvesting machinery and equipment to ensure the harvesting of perennial meadow grasses for hay / haylage, and the production of Jerusalem artichoke feed (silage, root crops and pellets), which will expand its crops to 15 hectares in the territory of Smorgon district.
A mini-production of hydroponic green fodder will also be created on areas owned by partner farms, which is essentially germinated cereal crops that grow under the most favorable conditions, thereby ensuring a consistently high yield in terms of quantity and quality. Subsequently, the aforementioned feed components will be mixed and fed to cattle.

The Krevsky Village Executive Committee and the Resource Center for Economic Development of the Krevsky Council of the Smorgon District will act as partners in the environmental initiative. One of the important tasks of the environmental initiative of the Grodno Regional Farmers Association is the transfer of experience and training in various methods of producing feed for cattle. During the implementation of the environmental initiative, it is planned to conduct a series of training events with the participation of local consultants on crop production, animal husbandry and the use of machinery and agricultural equipment purchased under the project for the production of feeds that reduce environmental risks, which will allow the local community to fully participate in the sustainable development process, effective and inclusive environmental management in the Smorgon district.

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