Teachers of the pilot sites implementing the «Green Schools» educational project aimed at environmental education will be trained to work with modern equipment for measuring environmental parameters and atmospheric air monitoring during seven training seminars to be held in Minsk and the regions of Belarus in November-December 2019.

The most advanced equipment for measuring environmental parameters and atmospheric air monitoring has already been received and are starting to master the pilot sites of Belarusian “green schools”.

18 semi-professional weather stations, as well as precipitation collectors, snow gauges, conductometers, PH meters and gas analyzers have already been purchased and received in almost full volume by pilot sites on the basis of educational institutions that implement the Green Schools educational project aimed at environmental education of students.

Within the framework of the seminars, the specialists of Belhydromet and the project “Eco-monitoring” will train representatives of “green schools” in education to work with these devices, and also show how to enter the data into an electronic observation diary on a specially created online platform.

Information collected from 18 points across the country using a single methodology is of great value to specialists and will allow for a more accurate analysis of environmental parameters, as well as monitoring the quality of atmospheric air.
Members of environmental monitoring clubs, as well as national and regional centers for “green schools”, will be able to make accurate measurements of their environmental parameters and air quality using the equipment received and enter their observations in an electronic diary. This will increase the awareness of young people and society as a whole about environmental issues, teach children how to work with data and analyze them, strengthen responsible and informed attitude to the environment, and become a starting point for involving the public in solving environmental issues.

Immediately upon completion of the training seminars, an online platform will start working, where the data will be collected, analyzed and verified by Belhydromet. The information website will be publicly available on the Internet.

The seminars will be held as part of the project “Civic engagement in environmental monitorinf and improving environmental management at the local level” (“Ecomonitoring”), funded by the European Union and implemented by the UN Development Program in Belarus in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus

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