The initiative “Ura-Grodno” started (Grodno State University named after Y. Kupala)

The launch seminar of one of the winners of the Contest of Ecological Inititives of the “EcoMonitoring” project was held at the Grodno State University. Y. Kupala.

The initiative “Inclusive environmental management by motivated inclusion of Grodno residents in the development and implementation of measures aimed at improving the quality of the environment and monitoring environmental risks in the context of an educational multi-center for integrated support of the environmentally friendly lifestyle of local communities“ URA Grodno! ”(Sustainable Development — activity of Grodno)» is intended to involve about 5,000 residents of the city of Grodno in an environmentally ethical way of life by creating an educational multicenter and «URA-Grodno» on the basis of 3 educational institutions: GrSU, school № 12, kindergarten No 45.

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