About Project


Project “Civic engagement in environmental monitoring and improving environmental management at the local level” is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus. Project budget: 3,500,000 euro.

The Project is aimed at efficient and inclusive environmental management at the local level, monitoring of environmental risks, environmental information exchange, in particular in the field of ambient air quality.

The Project is a part of the EU Annual Action Programme for Belarus 2015 and supports the priorities of the National Strategy for Sustainable Social-Economic Development of Belarus until 2030 and implementation obligations of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of environmental protection.

Air is one of the most important components of our world. Harmful substances released into the air may irreparably harm health, therefore, ambient air quality monitoring receives such attention. At the same time, anthropogenic burden on our planet is increasing. Care for our common home is a new stage of awareness.

The Project priorities creation and support of environmental monitoring clubs and public coordinating environmental councils in the regions of Belarus; development of “Green Schools” and active involvement of civil society in conducting environmental trainings across the country, as well as participating in regular consultations with the authorities responsible for environmental protection, and acting as reliable partners in implementing environmental policy.