A seminar for the resource centers and environmental monitoring clubs was organized on December 6 within the Project

On December 6, 2019, more than 50 representatives of resource centers and environmental monitoring clubs from all over Belarus took part in a training seminar on organizing the activities of resource centers and environmental monitoring clubs.

During the seminar, the project manager Olga Mikhailovna Chabrovskaya spoke about the goals and objectives of the Project “Involving the public in environmental monitoring and improving environmental management at the local level”, as well as the mechanism for implementing this international project. The project communication specialist, Ekaterina Mikhadyuk, shared with the participants the requirements and nuances of the information and communication activities of resource centers and environmental monitoring clubs.
Ivan Viktorovich Fedorov, Head of the Center for Developing Pedagogical Technologies of the State Educational Institution “Postgraduate Education Academy” presented an educational program for advanced training of teachers on the implementation of the educational project “Green Schools”
Elena Vladimirovna Onufrovich, Director of the Educational Institution “Republican Center for Ecology and Local Lore” shared the experience of the center in implementing the educational project “Green Schools” in Belarus
Ekaterina Ivanovna Sharkel, deputy director for educational work of the educational institution “National Children’s Educational and Health Center“ Zubrenok ”, Anastasia Petrovna Korban, acting director of the Center for Folk Art and Crafts in the village of Kopys of the Orshansky district, Lidia Nikolaevna Slutskaya, leading specialist in projects and environmental management of the Nadezhda Children’s Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, Katerina Aleksandrovna Yankovskaya, deputy director of the State Institution of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection “The Republican Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children” talked about activities of the republican resource centers for «green schools».
Further, the participants worked in groups, a panel discussion was held on the theme “The role of regional resource centers for green schools” and environmental monitoring clubs in expanding the network of “green schools” in the Republic of Belarus and in the organization of interaction between educational institutions, local authorities, public organizations implementing activities in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources. ” The discussion was moderated by a project specialist, Irina Romualdovna Klevets